Kevin Kircus

Sep 5

Finally got around to actually painting a Dawnguard unit in my Desert Dawnguard army. Sentinels with the UA.

Sep 3

Chimera Light Warjack.

This model suffers from the same problems as the griffins, but from here on out, its all new models, so I won’t be able to use the “crappy old metal model” excuse.

Sep 2

Here’s a Griffin for my desert Retribution army. This model is pretty banged up as a result of just age, as well as bad assembly practices when I first got him, but I’m happy with the results everything considered. I’m about to start working on units, starting with my sentinels.

Sep 1

Chapter Master finished up. (I really need to stop being cheap and get a light box set up)

So this is a WIP on a commission I’m doing for my old Star Phantom client. He recently came into the possession of a Thunderhawk and decided he wanted me to paint that up as well as all of his HQ choices. The model as you see it here is about 70% done or so. I have to hit the power sword and Bolter. Then as you can tell I’ve got some clean up work to do and some final highlights. The client is happy with this model so I’m happy.

Next up for desert camo is Narn, Mage Hunter of Ios. I’m not entirely happy with how he came out. Namely I think I could’ve brought the details out better, but there are definitely parts of the model I like.

I’ve really got to give in and create a light box for taking these photos. I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting the Arcanist and Narn to agree with the camera. Especially Narn.

Model for today is the Ghost Sniper. Need to buy some static grass to break up the beige on these bases, but other than that I can’t complain.

Feels like its been forever, but I’ve finally got a new project to post. I really fell in love with the desert scheme on Imperatus, and decided to expand it to my entire Retribution army instead of just some of the Dawnguard.

So, the first Warcaster to get the Desert theme is Garryth (honestly because I had the mini primed for years and never painted it). I’m not sure if I’m happy with his pistols but I’m pleased with the rest of it. As always C&C welcome.

I’m not really thrilled with the photos I’m taking in the new back yard (Giant tree canopy blocks most of the light). That said, Imperatus is now complete.  There are some things I could go back and clean up, but since this model is for me anyway, I have no problem starting to put him on the table now. I’ll probably be posting pictures of Issyria next, followed by an army of tyranid Monstrous Creatures.