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This Librarian rounds out the HQs I’m doing for the Star Phantom client. This character is named Asmodeus, and represents my client’s Deathwatch Character returned to his chapter after his service to the watch. It was pretty nice to get a break from all that white.

C&C welcome

Terminator Captain for the Star Phantoms Chapter. I believe I went over how he was made in a previous post, but I’ll go over the basics again. The base model is the Finecast Terminator Captain. Both Arms have been replaced with lightning claws from a base assault terminator box, and the helmet and right pauldron come from a Deathwing Terminator box. Basically every where I had the option I found a bit with a skull on it, because Star Phantoms love skulls even more than the rest of the Imperium.

I still have a bit of touch up work to do on this guy, I need to clean up some details and bump up the contrast a bit, but I wanted to post something to my feed since its been awhile. Thanks for watching, and as always C&C are welcome.

Oct 3

We’re All Going to Die Here

Hey guys, I know this is outside of my typical tumblr content, but a project that I’m a part of recently made its way to kickstarter and I want to get the word out. Its a campy horror card game based off of tropes from B horror movies. As you may have guessed from the blog title, the game is named “We’re All Going to Die Here”. I’m responsible for the graphic design/ card layout as well as a lot of the illustration work. Its a great casual game, the kind you can always start your game night with, and I’m pretty excited to see how it does. After only 3 days its already 20% of the way to its goal. So, if you already enjoy card games, or you think you’d enjoy the genre, you should consider backing. Its only $15 dollars for a full copy of the game, or just $5 dollars for a pdf that you can print off and play with if you’d like. On the other hand for the paltry sum of $125 dollars you can force me to immortalize your likeness in the game!

^link to the kickstarter is here, and from that page you can find a full copy of the rules to the game.

Thanks for listening to my pitch guys. Regular model content incoming…

Oct 3

My new airbrush (and compressor) arrived in the mail monday and I finally got the chance to take it for a test drive yesterday. I decided I’d put some paint to a terrain piece I’ve been hanging onto for a long time. The next time I get a chance to work on this I’m going to go in and beat up the rhino a little bit, and after that it’ll be on to traditional brush work for the details. I’m not exactly brand new to airbrushing, but tips and tricks are always welcome (and of course C&C).

Oct 1

Finally got around to painting Issyria. Her proportions really annoy the crap out of me, but she’s a good looking model if you ignore the fact that she must be 9 feet tall when standing up straight. I typically don’t bother painting a lot of detail into PP heads for my personal models (usually just try to establish high and low areas with shading). But her face was so devoid of detail I felt like I had to do something more with it. I’m not sure if that’s just the model or if I have a bad cast. I think it came out alright though. C&C welcome.

Oct 1

Back to working on my own personal Retribution army. This is Elara, Retribution’s journeyman warcaster. I’m eventually going to spend more time with this mini I think, but I wanted it to be painted to field at the FLGS tomorrow.

This is the completed 25pt Retribution commission. Had fun painting it, made me want to get back to my own Desert Ret even more.

coming up this week are 2 more HQs for the Star Phantoms, and in the coming weeks I’m going to be doing a series of Primarchs. So, that should be a good time.

These are the heavies for commission army I’m working on. Painting up the banshee especially was a lot of fun, mostly because it got me excited for how my own Vyre Jacks will look once I get around to working on them.

In other news, the power sword on the librarian I’m working on is being incredibly stubborn. I’ve heated it and straightened it probably 3 times and it keeps slowly bending backwards. That’s a new problem for me, so if any one has any suggestions let me know.

Here’s an update on the commissioned Desert Retribution (distinguishable from my personal models by the winter bases). Next up are going to be a Banshee and a Manticore, and then a smattering of infantry models.

Last semester of college has been kicking my ass the past couple of weeks, leaving me pretty behind on some commissions I need to get finished this week. That said, I did find time last night to kit bash two of the HQs for the Star Phantoms commission.

The base model for the terminator is the finecast Terminator Captain. Pretty simple for the most part. Cutting out the head without messing up the cowl of the armor was the only tricky part. The parts are all just stock assault terminator stuff with skulls. cuz Star Phantoms love skulls.

The base model for the librarian was a fine cast libby with power sword. This guy is sort of special as he represents the client’s Deathwatch character named Asmodeus. In that campaign Asmodeus has an ancient tome known as Death’s Door which he can siphon power from, and that had to be represented on the model. If I remember correctly, that book is a Dark Angel bit. The banner pole, is a dark angel vehicle antenna, and the Deathwatch shoulder pad comes out of the Space Marine Commander box. I forget where the storm shield arm comes from, but I want to say its an assault marine bit.

These should be painted up by the end of the week.