Kevin Kircus


This is the completed 25pt Retribution commission. Had fun painting it, made me want to get back to my own Desert Ret even more.

coming up this week are 2 more HQs for the Star Phantoms, and in the coming weeks I’m going to be doing a series of Primarchs. So, that should be a good time.

These are the heavies for commission army I’m working on. Painting up the banshee especially was a lot of fun, mostly because it got me excited for how my own Vyre Jacks will look once I get around to working on them.

In other news, the power sword on the librarian I’m working on is being incredibly stubborn. I’ve heated it and straightened it probably 3 times and it keeps slowly bending backwards. That’s a new problem for me, so if any one has any suggestions let me know.

Here’s an update on the commissioned Desert Retribution (distinguishable from my personal models by the winter bases). Next up are going to be a Banshee and a Manticore, and then a smattering of infantry models.

Last semester of college has been kicking my ass the past couple of weeks, leaving me pretty behind on some commissions I need to get finished this week. That said, I did find time last night to kit bash two of the HQs for the Star Phantoms commission.

The base model for the terminator is the finecast Terminator Captain. Pretty simple for the most part. Cutting out the head without messing up the cowl of the armor was the only tricky part. The parts are all just stock assault terminator stuff with skulls. cuz Star Phantoms love skulls.

The base model for the librarian was a fine cast libby with power sword. This guy is sort of special as he represents the client’s Deathwatch character named Asmodeus. In that campaign Asmodeus has an ancient tome known as Death’s Door which he can siphon power from, and that had to be represented on the model. If I remember correctly, that book is a Dark Angel bit. The banner pole, is a dark angel vehicle antenna, and the Deathwatch shoulder pad comes out of the Space Marine Commander box. I forget where the storm shield arm comes from, but I want to say its an assault marine bit.

These should be painted up by the end of the week.

So I was asked to paint fellow ret player’s army in the same scheme as mine, with the exception that the models be standing on winter bases. I wasn’t quite sure how it’d come out, but I think the colors work well together. Here’s Kaelyssa. I’m pretty envious of the plastic model. I may pick up a battle box, and find some bits to convert the extra chimera into a griffin.

Sep 5

Finally got around to actually painting a Dawnguard unit in my Desert Dawnguard army. Sentinels with the UA.

Sep 3

Chimera Light Warjack.

This model suffers from the same problems as the griffins, but from here on out, its all new models, so I won’t be able to use the “crappy old metal model” excuse.

Sep 2

Here’s a Griffin for my desert Retribution army. This model is pretty banged up as a result of just age, as well as bad assembly practices when I first got him, but I’m happy with the results everything considered. I’m about to start working on units, starting with my sentinels.

Sep 1

Chapter Master finished up. (I really need to stop being cheap and get a light box set up)

So this is a WIP on a commission I’m doing for my old Star Phantom client. He recently came into the possession of a Thunderhawk and decided he wanted me to paint that up as well as all of his HQ choices. The model as you see it here is about 70% done or so. I have to hit the power sword and Bolter. Then as you can tell I’ve got some clean up work to do and some final highlights. The client is happy with this model so I’m happy.